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The Prince of Ôwr

The Prince of Ôwr
is an allegory of the love of Christ for His Bride, inspired by a quote from Søren Kierkegaard. The crown prince of the Kingdom of Ôwr (Hebrew for “light”) falls in love with a lowly and abused woman. He realizes that in order to court her, he must for a time conceal his true identity, laying aside his glory and wooing her in her own world.

Cover by Joan Fitzner
34 pages, softcover
CDN $6.00

Praise for The Prince of Ôwr

Nancy, thank you so much for The Prince of Ôwr. What a beautiful story. There is something other-worldly and enchanting about it—you found a haunting and beautiful voice and, in my opinion, very different in tone from what I’ve read of your other writing. It is enough to make you believe that artists are inspired, isn’t it? I’ve had that experience in my writing before too, as though Something (Someone) was writing through me and I was merely taking down dictation. I find it is actually a little unnerving but so stimulating that I look forward to those inspired moments. I think your story meant even more to me, being a new bride myself. There is no question that [my husband’s] love has loosed and ransomed parts of myself that would not have found freedom without his influence—his point of view and most of all his love have given me confidence. I was always a pretty confident girl, so I can’t fully explain it, but somehow his influence has a unique quality to it. S.M.

Thank you for The Prince of Ôwr. So much work and thought must have gone into its creation. The persistence of God’s love is so remarkable, and you captured it so well in your story. The techniques used to express yourself drew me into the story, so I had it all read—including your following comments—in one sitting. D.W.

Thank you for the book. We thoroughly enjoyed it! S.D. I received The Prince of Ôwr about a week and a half ago. I work a night shift from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. and I checked my mailbox one day after work, and decided to read a little bit before I went to sleep. I couldn't only read a little—I actually couldn't put it down, and I read it twice before I went to sleep. I really connected with Beulah. She is a lot like me. I haven't had the best experiences when it comes to relationships. Actually every single one has been the sick mixture of pain and pleasure, and there have been times where I didn't understand why I thought that's what normal relationships were like. But I realized that's all I had ever really known. I want you to know that your fairytale has profoundly impacted my life, and explained a lot about myself and why I feel the way I do. I did cry. On pages 14 and 15, it almost seemed like I was reading about myself. With small differences of course but the general idea. . . . Thank you so much for sending me a copy; I can’t tell you really how much it has impacted me. A.K.

I loved The Prince of Ôwr. Thank you for taking the time to create it for the young people of the world and for us also. E.K.

It was so good to see your name on the brown envelope last week. I had contemplated phoning you to see if you were still in the writing business. I read your book The Prince of Ôwr at a sitting. And I’ll probably read it again. It’s beautifully written and is such a good picture of the Father sending His Son to purchase His Bride. I have in mind a step-granddaughter to give it to, in hopes it will help to solidify her faith in Christ. M.B.

I have read “The Prince of Light” twice and am again amazed by your spiritual maturity and knowledge of the scriptures. I am trying to think who would be the best person to pass the book on to. . . . God has surely used you in putting together this allegory for the younger readers, and your explanation for the older readers. The book is too good to remain on my bookshelf. B.F.

We received The Prince of Ôwr a couple of days ago. It is a delightful read. I really enjoyed it, a powerful message as well. I will be putting it in my lending library along with Yes, I Really Was a Cowgirl. S.S.

Wow! Thank you so much for The Prince of Ôwr—it is truly professional from cover to end! And so interesting: I started to just have a look at it as my supper warmed up, and found it so interesting, fascinating, I could hardly put it down. All through the evening meal I looked forward to lying down and finishing it. You are really a good writer, Nancy; the booklet is beautifully done, and describes Christ’s love for us in a warm and wonderful way. I have trouble seeing and feeling His love for me in that personal, intimate way, but I’ll work on it! Your writing is a treat to read because you punctuate correctly. . . . Your postscript “About the Story” is helpful and very well done too. V.B.

Thank you for sending me your recent project. I really enjoyed it . . . . It is very good in my estimation, but I’m not surprised that such would come through you, or that God’s Spirit would come in such a way as this. Yes, I do believe it is not only for women; and I like to believe that men need this type of education to let out their soft sides without feeling like sissies. With your teaching about the spiritual meaning of it, it makes it very OK for both male and female. M.K.

Thanks for this project re: The Prince of Ôwr. . . . It’s one to be read again and again—especially for me, who has discovered [that] much I read will not stay in mind!!. . . Oh yes—the cover art work is a prize winner in telling the closing for the fairy story. . . . J.S.